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Screen shots of EDGE pages are not to be used in documentation you might provide to others outside your organization. To do so is a violation of our copyright and could be construed to represent an implied endorsement by AACRAO of your evaluation of foreign educational credentials. I realize that failing to abide by this statement means my access to EDGE will be terminated.

Your base EDGE subscription grants access to the specific employees at your institution identified in this agreement; additional users may be added at a nominal cost. Users must be named in your EDGE agreement to be allowed access. Sharing access to EDGE beyond named users is a violation of your user agreement and will result in a suspension of access privileges with no refund.

I agree to adhere to the above statements.
According to our records, your company is a nonmember corporation. Fees have been adjusted accordingly.If paying by credit card, please continue to the payment page. If you opt to pay by check, print an invoice, send it in with your payment, and your EDGE subscription will be activated when your check is received. If you have any questions, please contact edge@aacrao.org or call 202-355-1063.

Base fee for corporate non-member$
First 4 additional slotsFREE
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